What We Do

We offer individualised customised teacher training and consultancy services to help you develop your staff, promote your students’ success and achieve learning community excellence.

Teacher Training Development (CPD)

We believe that state of the art teaching and training exemplifies education protocol for today's modern world. Teacher training development is at the core of our business. As qualified teachers, we exemplify the complex issues that teachers face on a daily basis across the world, and we understand the environment that teachers work in. We are passionate about the development of teachers and the delivery of personification of teaching and learning to meet your requirements.

Our CPD portfolio provides up-to-date training across some of the most challenging areas in teaching, learning and school improvement.

Our workshops are full day participatory sessions which can be delivered anywhere to suit the needs of our clients and supported by high quality materials for your staff to take away. We can work with you to develop a training programme tailored to meet the specific needs of your staff.

In addition, we provide consultation and coaching for school leaders in School Improvement Planning and Staff Development. The nature of our partnership will be determined by the type of school and its specific needs in curriculum planning and development.

We will work alongside schools, looking at the various pedagogical practices to improve the quality of teaching and learning, following the school’s prescribed curriculum (international or local).

Teacher Training Development (CPD)

Teacher Resources

The Leading Learning Gateway offer a series of modules that are based on the skills that many teachers struggle with in their every-day teaching and learning. Each module focuses on core teaching methodologies targeted at teachers who are just starting the profession and those who wish to enhance on their classroom management skills.

There are many on-line courses, but sometimes, it can be difficult to find the specific topic that you are looking for. Many people don’t like online programmes, but in light of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have had to change the way we live, work and educate ourselves, becoming more reliant on technology. These modules are interactive with exercises to enable you to align the activities with your everyday classroom teaching.

Each module comes with an instructional guidebook, participant course notes and power point presentation. Modules can be purchased for individual or school use, and as an online course with one of our experienced consultants.